To Cut A Long Story Short/Tony Hadley (Sidgwick & Jackson)

On July 9, 2012

Tony Hadley To Cut a Long Story Short Paperback CoverWhen he was growing up, Tony Hadley was an outsider. He never quite fitted in. By the age of thirteen he had set his heart on becoming a singer. Instinctively he knew he would, one day, be a star. Ten years later, as lead singer with Spandau Ballet, he had made it.

Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson (Pan)
ISBN: 978-0330427418
Type: Biography

‘As I began work on this book about my life so far, someone asked me, ‘Do you have any regrets?’ I replied, ‘No, none at all. I just wish I hadn’t made so many mistakes.’

Tony Hadley


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