A Woman’s Courage by S. Block with Maria Malone

On June 12, 2022

A WOMAN'S COURAGEThe perfect heartwarming wartime saga.
June 1941, and the women of Great Paxford WI are doing what they can to help the war effort while, behind closed doors, each is fighting a more personal battle. Pat Simms, haunted by her part in the death of her abusive husband, finds the prospect of her new life daunting, while Sarah Collingborne is desperate for news of her husband, held captive in a POW camp. For Teresa Lucas, motherhood feels terrifying. And for her friend, Alison Scotlock, a new relationship beckons. As the village grieves for lives already lost and feels a weight of anxiety for those still away fighting, the women must rely on each other.  
The final book in the Home Fires trilogy, a companion to Keep the Home Fires Burning and A Woman’s War.
Publisher: Zaffre
ISBN: 978-1-78576-567-4
Type of book: Fiction

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