Marriage, Misunderstanding and Mr Selfridge

On January 8, 2016

Marriage Misunderstanding and Mr Selfridge Maria MaloneIt is 1890 and Harry Selfridge is about to marry society debutante Rose Buckingham. Showman that he is, Harry is determined that their big day will be flamboyant – the talk of Chicago for years to come. He has more on his mind than the wedding, however, and so, it seems, does Rose. Both are keeping secrets, dealing with ghosts from the past – some more real than others. When Harry leaves town in a hurry days before the wedding Rose is unnerved. She can’t help but think he is running away.

The second in the Harry Selfridge series, this is the sequel to WHEN HARRY MET ROSE: MR SELFRIDGE AND THE SEARCH FOR LOVE

Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1519139344
Type: Fiction

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