The Frog Princess by Angie Beasley (Penguin)

On July 9, 2012

The Frog Princess Book Cover Angie Beasley Maria MaloneThe true story of how a poor girl from Grimsby became a queen. In a bleak northern town where there was little work, the best that Angie Beasley could hope for was a grim job at the local Findus factory. But aged 16, Angie decided she was destined for bigger things. After seeing a TV advertisement she entered a beauty pageant. And won. She went on to take 25 titles. Just as Angie felt that her life was set, she got engaged to a man who trapped her into a terrifying cycle of domestic violence. When she eventually escaped him, she had lost all her money and self-esteem. She was on the bottom rung of the ladder once more. But Angie picked herself up and started once again on the tough journey back to the top…

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 978-0718158316
Type: Memoir

‘I don’t think there was ever a less likely beauty queen than me … I still believe that if you have a dream you have to go for it and not think too hard about whether you’re good enough or what anybody else might say.’

Angie Beasley, Director, Miss England.


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