Hear’say: Our Story (Granada)

On July 8, 2012

Hear'Say our story book coverHow does it feel to be plucked from obscurity and thrust into the public eye? What is it like to star in a smash-hit TV show – as yourself? And what price instant fame? Hear’say’s Danny, Kym, Myleene, Noel and Suzanne know only too well.

They dreamed of being in a pop band and the TV series Popstars gave them their chance. Overnight their lives changed. They went into hiding. They lost touch with friends and family. And, as they were groomed for stardom, the cameras rolled relentlessly, laying their lives bare before an audience of millions. This is their story.

Publisher: Granada Media
ISBN: 9780233999982
Type: TV Tie-in


‘I just want us all to be happy. Happiness is the ultimate thing.’

Danny Foster


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